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The  first review  appeared on last December 17.  As of this writing, all the reviews have been five stars.


Absolutely riveting! Just finished reading it five minutes ago

By J. Kaplan

In order for a memoir to capture my attention, I must love the voice of the writer and be made to care enough to travel the entire distance with them as they tell their life story. This happens when the writer is exposing their vulnerabilities honestly and the story itself is also utterly compelling. With Finding My Invincible Summer, not only did the author take you into her completely confidence but the story was so intense and relatable that I could not put it down. During a week of reading where there were many other distractions in my life and in the greater world, I kept yearning to return to this quiet, deeply involving and highly personal story, even as difficult and painful as that life was in parts. Ultimately, the reader is given their own sense of possibilities – that there are indeed attainable solutions to even the most difficult of life’s problems. I found this to be one of the best memoirs I have ever read – and I am a tough critic of memoirs. I recommend sitting in front of the fire and taking some quiet time with this book and you will indeed be rewarded.


Absolutely marvelous. Read this memoir!

By JuliaA

I bought this memoir by Muriel Vasconcellos (whose work I knew only as a translator) in mid-December and was unable to put it down until I finished reading it, literally pushing my Christmas shopping by a few days. This book grabs you by the soul and doesn’t let you go. The author describes the suffering inflicted by cancer, shares intimate details of the amazing love story with her Brazilian soul mate, and talks of love and loss and her endless attempts at finding physical and emotional balance and peace, which she finally achieves. As a reader, I was in awe of Muriel’s honesty and gained more and more respect for her as the pages progressed. I could sense that digging this deep inside herself must have been agonizing and yet what a liberating experience! You literally see her grow as a human being and you grow along with her. Highly recommended!


A compelling read about love, cancer and alternative therapies

By Emma Goldsmith

Muriel Vasconcellos’ memoir takes the reader on a journey through her life, focusing on how she came to terms with breast cancer, her encounters with conventional treatment in the late 1970s and her search for alternative therapies. She also gives vivid accounts of life-changing events and how she manages to study and work as a translator in seemingly impossible circumstances.

I avidly read “Finding My Invincible Summer” over the course of several evenings, and in the daytime my mind was full of her flashbacks and experiences. It’s definitely worth reading if you’re interested in alternative medicine, translation, medical practice in the 1970s and 80s, or cross-cultural relationships (Brazilian/American in this case).


A must read! Totally captivating story!

By Nashley

This book is exceptional! A must read! A deeply touching, bittersweet story, brilliantly written. This book reflects the depth of a soulful woman who has learned to live through deeply wounding experiences and has come to terms with her emotions and heal her pain. Reads like a thriller, yet is deep, raw and inspiring. This book is a gem. It is a gift to anyone who is in need of inspiration and hope, as well as to those who just wants an exceptionally good book to read. Pages come to life like in a movie, snapshots of history add meaning and relevance, and every chapter is filled with new surprises and give deeper meaning to the one before. Muriel’s story is an inspiration and heart opener. I found this book to be a thought provoking and enriching experience in my Universe.


Gripping story and a helpful guide

By Jazzrascal

Finding My Invincible Summer is a story of tragedy and loss, fierce determination, patience, persistence, and triumph. Muriel’s story takes us through her experience with breast cancer and her search for alternative treatments. Along the way, she is faced with challenges and frustrations that would have made most of us give up, but with dogged determination she bucked the system, stood up for herself, and found solutions. Muriel tells her story with honesty and authenticity, and even at times with humor, although we never doubt for a moment that it must have taken great courage to tell it. Not only is the book a page-turner, it’s one that can be of great help and encouragement to people who are facing similar problems. Highly recommended!


A compelling read 

By Peggy Dougherty

I bought this memoir knowing little about it or about the author. I was quite delighted to find it to be a compelling read. The writing is excellent. The author knows how to capture the reader’s attention early and not let it go. She tells her heartfelt story with insight and candor. The writing flows and draws you in.

Vasconcellos takes the reader on her remarkable journey. It’s impressive how she relates numerous events, some of them not only life-changing, but also life-saving, in a seamless, easy to follow manner. Like every good story, this one has many turning points. I found myself always wondering what would happen next, all the way to the uplifting ending. Hers is a thought-provoking story worthy of sharing with readers. I, for one, am grateful that she did so.


Finding My Invincible Summer is a remarkable memoir

By José Neistein

Finding My Invincible Summer is a remarkable memoir. Written in clear, transparent, elegant English, it turns out to be not only a vibrant and candid portrait of the author, but also – and above all – a moving, transcendant personal statement of the very meaning of existence. This is one of the reasons, if not the main one, why this book is appealing to so many readers, coming from all walks of life.

It tells us the basics about the mysteries and the trade of living, of conquering the right to rejoice by overcoming grief, injustice, pain, and frustrations with the help of determination, understanding, discipline, discernment, awareness, and love. Much love. It is a convincing lesson in how circumstances can make us sink into deep despair, but then by standing up for ourselves, by relaxing and letting go when necessary and acquiring the tools to reemerge forever whole.

This fascinating account of the author’s life, fears, loves, passions and ordeals tells us also how she made peace with destiny and herself by dispelling her ghosts, and finally looking into the sun’s eyes. But Muriel Vasconcellos’ book is more than the story of her journey: it is the journey of mankind. I think that her major merit is that she had the courage and generosity of putting them candidly down on paper. We can all identify with her book. More than invincible, her summer is triumphant.


An inspirational story

By Queta

As a narrator of her life story, Muriel did not get lost in a cathartic tale that some authors seem to fall into. She wrote a compelling book of amazing love, devastating health, overwhelming grief and finding her personal joy. The special events that shaped her life were certainly not ordinary or boring. She draws the reader into her story and never forgets that those reading her words could find comfort in her story – and, believe that miracles can happen.


I will recommend this biography to my book club

By Pat B.

Finding My Invincible Summer is an inspirational memoir by Muriel Vasconcellos. It is a compelling story of enduring love and devastating loss. Muriel overcomes overwhelming challenges with courage and determination. Her persistence and fortitude in facing so many difficult situations eventually leads to great personal growth and self realization. The reader feels involved in the story and ultimately uplifted by Muriel’s triumph over the great obstacles that she has faced.



(The book is available in softcover, hardcover, and eBook format through all online booksellers, including and my publisher’s website,

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