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BreathtakingNine months ago I wrote here about my addiction to Pinterest, the social media site that communicates solely by sharing spectacularly beautiful pictures. Far from curing my addiction, I have allowed it to grow out of control. I am now not only a Pinterest addict but also a Pinterest “ace,” with 74 boards and, as of today, 1,022 followers. The link to my site is

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe it. I have learned so much from the stories, history, philosophy, principles, and techniques behind the pictures. And I have learned worlds about the people who share pictures with me—and about myself as well.

My first and most precious board is devoted to my book, Finding My Invincible Summer. Over time I have found scenes that show places I describe in my book, from Corcoran Street to Norway, Brazil, and Portugal.

Landscape planI have also created what amounts to a whole “course” in landscape design through a series of thousands of pictures, starting with 124 site plans, moving on views of hundreds of interesting designs, and then focusing on specific topics: beds, containers, fire pits, fences and walls, gates, lighting, ornament, outdoor furniture, overhead solutions, paving, pools, roof gardens, slope treatments, free-standing structures, and water features. I also have 10 boards on different kinds of plants.

Then my inner artist finds expression in collections of drawings and paintings, portraits, sculpture, street art, art glass, jewelry, textiles, patterns, and wood art. The art section is followed by boards on architecture.

Monkey w i-phoneThen come the animals. So cute! I have special boards for all kinds of animals. Animals are followed by boards for places where I have been, which have given me wonderful trips down Memory Lane. Finally come my schools, paleo recipes, Christmas, and last but not least, People I Admire, with Byron Katie on the cover.

I let myself do a little pinning every day, and I only pin pictures that I really like. I’m not just collecting photos, I fall in love with each and every picture that I post. I invite you to join me and get a feel for the many interests that I enjoy sharing with others. Again, the link is:

My previous blog on Pinterest is at:

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