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Cover - thumbnailThis post cites three more  reviews of my book, Finding My Invincible Summer, that have appeared on–all of them five stars. Today’s quotes have also been added to the cumulative collection under the “Review” tab on this site. A couple of the standout lines were:

“Reads like a thriller, yet is deep, raw and inspiring. This book is a gem.”

“The author knows how to capture the reader’s attention early and not let it go.”


A must read! Totally captivating story!

By Nashley

This book is exceptional! A must read! A deeply touching, bittersweet story, brilliantly written. This book reflects the depth of a soulful woman who has learned to live through deeply wounding experiences and has come to terms with her emotions and heal her pain. Reads like a thriller, yet is deep, raw and inspiring. This book is a gem. It is a gift to anyone who is in need of inspiration and hope, as well as to those who just wants an exceptionally good book to read. Pages come to life like in a movie, snapshots of history add meaning and relevance, and every chapter is filled with new surprises and give deeper meaning to the one before. Muriel’s story is an inspiration and heart opener. I found this book to be a thought provoking and enriching experience in my Universe. 


Gripping story and a helpful guide

By Jazzrascal

Finding My Invincible Summer is a story of tragedy and loss, fierce determination, patience, persistence, and triumph. Muriel’s story takes us through her experience with breast cancer and her search for alternative treatments. Along the way, she is faced with challenges and frustrations that would have made most of us give up, but with dogged determination she bucked the system, stood up for herself, and found solutions. Muriel tells her story with honesty and authenticity, and even at times with humor, although we never doubt for a moment that it must have taken great courage to tell it. Not only is the book a page-turner, it’s one that can be of great help and encouragement to people who are facing similar problems. Highly recommended! 


A compelling read 

By Peggy Dougherty

I bought this memoir knowing little about it or about the author. I was quite delighted to find it to be a compelling read. The writing is excellent. The author knows how to capture the reader’s attention early and not let it go. She tells her heartfelt story with insight and candor. The writing flows and draws you in.

Vasconcellos takes the reader on her remarkable journey. It’s impressive how she relates numerous events, some of them not only life-changing, but also life-saving, in a seamless, easy to follow manner. Like every good story, this one has many turning points. I found myself always wondering what would happen next, all the way to the uplifting ending. Hers is a thought-provoking story worthy of sharing with readers. I, for one, am grateful that she did so. 

(The book is available in softcover, hardcover, and eBook format through all online booksellers, including and my publisher’s site,

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