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I have spent New Year’s Day reviewing 2012 and considering plans for 2013. Though I’ve been known to fulfill resolutions that I’ve made in the past, I’m not thinking in those terms any more because I don’t want to box myself in. I find more and more that the Universe has sweeter surprises for me than I could possibly have imagined on my own. I want to stay open to whatever comes my way. This past year greatly rewarded my trust in letting go, and I found myself wishing it wouldn’t end.

The first thing I want to talk about is my book, which is the subject of this post.

Cover - for blogMy book.I did have one goal for 2012, and that was to publish my memoir, Finding My Invincible Summer, because my husband Sylvio, to whom it is dedicated, believed that even-numbered years were lucky. I managed to get it done in time for release in November, just before the holidays. Much of the book is a tribute to Sylvio and his gentle heart. I have written about his support through my first round with breast cancer and the wrenching experience of his death, then my struggle to find balance in the face of many challenges, and finally, a change in course that ultimately brought me peace and fulfillment. Turning the book into a reality that can be shared with others has been easily the most gratifying experience of my life.

As I progressed through the chapters, I found myself growing and changing. I became much more honest with my feelings—an evolution that several readers have noticed. My editorial consultant, Carolyn Allen, spurred me along the way with comments like: “I want to know how you felt when that happened. . .” She constantly urged me to go deeper. Then, when it was all over, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could actually let go of my story. I was no longer stubbornly attached in it.

Still, I wanted people to read the book, though I worried they wouldn’t like it. The feedback I’ve received has been amazing—not only two wonderful reviews on, but also many touching messages by e-mail. The response has exceeded my expectations by miles. I feel full and overflowing with gratitude.

This feedback has encouraged me to take the plunge, with some trepidation, and invest in promoting the book this year. I have contracted with a company to send e-mails to libraries and booksellers throughout the English-speaking world, and it will be displayed at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Convention in late January. In addition, I have ordered promotional business cards, bookmarks, and postcards, and I’m having a signing party on January 19. I also plan to take copies to local bookstores. Those are my plans so far. I look forward to seeing how this trajectory unfolds over the course of 2013.


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  1. João Renato

    Cumprimentos pelo livro. Vamos encomendar pela Amazon. É mais fácil e não tem burocracia para entrar no Brasil.

    • Muriel

      Oi, João Renato! Feliz Ano Novo para você, Tati e a família! Ontem conversei com Márcio e o resto da turma em Los Angeles. Que bom que Amazon já entrou no Brasil! Descobri que é mesmo maior vantagem para mim se vocês compram pela Amazon, já que eles fazem promoção baseada no volume de compras e estrelas otorgadas pelos leitores. Espero que vocês gostem do livro e as relembranças de Sylvio. Podem, inclusive, escrever sua crítica em português na

  2. Feliz 2013., Muriel !!!
    É muito bom conversar com você !!
    Um Feliz 2013 !!

    Pauolo Ben-Hur

  3. Oi Paulo! Feliz Ano Novo a vocês! Venhma a visitar meu blog de vez em quando. Grandes abraços para todos.